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The LIFE CASCADE project will be presented at the EXPERIENCE DAY on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024, at La Tessitura di Figino Serenza, Italy. 

During the EXPERIENCE DAY, attendees will have the chance to explore the dedicated space where partners will showcase the goals of the LIFE CASCADE project. 

This event is a unique opportunity for the public and organizations interested in sustainable practices to delve into the complexities of the LIFE CASCADE project. Some of the partners, including Centro Tessile Serico Sostenibile and ZDHC, will actively engage with the audience, providing in-depth insights into the project’s objectives, methodologies, and impact on the textile industry.

At the heart of the LIFE CASCADE project lies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the textile sector. With environmental concerns at the forefront of global discussions, this initiative seeks to set a new benchmark for responsible practices. Through innovative processes and technologies, the project aims to address critical issues such as chemical discharge, and wastewater management in the textile manufacturing cycle.
The interactive session will also open the floor to questions from the audience, allowing participants to engage directly with the experts involved in the project. 

Join us to learn more about how LIFE CASCADE is setting new standards in sustainability. 

📅 Save the Date: March 19th, 2024
📍 Location: La Tessitura di Figino Serenza, Italy
🔗 https://experienceday.tecnoimp.it

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